Relax bread

Bigfoot Bahamas now. Eat sandwich on beach. This tuna sandwich on giant bread wedge–probably sundried tomato-basil/possible oregano flavor. Puffy, moist bread, possibly “a bap.” Away from home under 10 hours, already not think of carb tally. Think only, “This big bread maybe make Bigfoot fat, but Bigfoot not care.”

Very relax!

Also every drawer in room for Bigfoot: one drawer: running clothes; other drawer: underwear/swimsuits; all hangers in closet: Bigfoot, Bigfoot, Bigfoot. Difficult believe good fortune. Maybe need iron spokesmodel outfits, R. Santorum on news ponder aloud President Obama Muslim/not Muslim, hair air-travel dirty; not bothersome.

LESSON OF DAY: it very easy not have diabetes.



  1. Zak · February 22, 2012

    I fucking miss those days.

    Have fun on your trip. Totally jeal.


  2. cbwinchild · February 22, 2012

    i am so glad you are relaxing. i LOVE to unload my stuff in hotel drawers/closets b/c it makes me feel organized AND like i\m there. enjoy some for us.


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