Deaf v. Blind v. Diabetic–> DEAF WIN!

Illustrative of nothing, except one boy's ideas about toast.

Today Bubs high all day. Time to swim, not want go. Why can’t I stay here? I want to play with Legos! This is stupid. Eventually convince swim. No lie: as soon as jump in, call out Wow! It just feels so good to be in the water again! After few more jump, Bubs emerge from swimming pool ask this question: Mama, would you rather be death or have diabetes?

BFOOT: Deaf, like can’t hear? Or death, like dead?

BUBS: Deaf

BFOOT: I’d rather be deaf

BUBS: Why?

BFOOT: I don’t know, it seems less dangerous and like you would just eventually get used to it and not really notice it or have to do anything special…

BUBS: Well what about would you rather be blind or have diabetes?

BFOOT: I’d pick diabetes. I think it would be really hard not to see anything, even though you could feel how cute baby is by smooching the cheeks and smelling the smell…but you could never drive a car, and…

BUBS: Yeah! I feel sorry for blind people, because they might think a sailboat is all (gesticulates to indicate curlicues)


BUBS: It would be terrible to be blind

BFOOT: Yup, it would be hard

Bubs skip-hop back in water, so pleased have vision. Bigfoot go Bahamas now. Bye.

NOTE FOR SCIENCE: Today 1 hr. swim drop blood sugar 365—>187.


One comment

  1. cbwinchild · February 20, 2012

    I WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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