School pick up time, Bigfoot realize upon get in car: forget sugar test kit. Clock read 2:37. Pick up time 2:40. Already late, ETA 2:42. (2:07 Bigfoot decide necessary bake Swedish apple pie-cake.) Think self, it’ll be OK, Bubs will just want to come home to play with his Legos, and it looks like it’s about to rain anyway.

Arrive school 2:41. Bubs feel good playground juju. Difficult choose: endanger child by allow play/not have sugar test kit/die vs. endanger child by remove fun/life not worth live.

BFOOT: (Calling to son who is skipping toward playground.) Wait. Wait a minute. Did Dream Nurse just test your blood sugar?

BUBS: Yeah. I don’t know. Yes

BFOOT: Do you remember what it was?


BFOOT: Do you remember if it was high? Or low? Or normal?

BUBS: It was normal. It was kind of low. It was 87

BFOOT: Before you run away, eat these 

BUBS: Woo-hoooo! (Speaking loudly, hoping someone will hear him and become envious.) Sweetarts! Blue ones! Orange ones! (Skips to playground.)

97 + 7 Sweetarts

Bing! Email from Dream Nurse arrive. 2PM test 97, not 87. Begin process of switch worry over to too high. He’s going to be too high.

By time get home, 137. Eat normal snack: rice cake, peanut butter, banana. Swimming in 1/2 hour, so give insulin but leave 20g carbs uncover for swim buffer. Then give five m&ms. (Red/purple. Dark chocolate variety.) This as scientific as get.



  1. Zak · February 17, 2012

    We need to get Starbursts.

    Also, I’m so glad the pump is working for Bubs. You guys are doing great.


  2. cbwinchild · February 17, 2012



  3. Katy · February 17, 2012

    We don’t even have use of the pump yet! I am just like this. With the tools I’m used to! He woke up at 197. I want an unobtrusive scientist to follow me around and interpret these numbers. Does it mean he went super-low in the night and then his body released sugar or does it mean we over-treated the low? Probably the answer is, “It could be either and it doesn’t matter.” This is driving me crazy! Ba na nas!


  4. Katy · February 17, 2012

    I really do like that Heejun.


  5. jesicarn · February 23, 2012

    can’t help but chuckle at your blog…so entertaining (can diabetes even be entertaining!) Funny what we parents with type 1 children find amusing (or perhaps cover up fears/struggles with humor)…either way i absolutely love your blog!


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