How be so clean

Just some bloody stuff, used lancets, and candy

Bigfoot read many fun diabetes post about find test strip everywhere. Recently empty one coat pocket. This unfunny picture of contents (left). Other places bloody test strips gather Bigfoot home: clothes dryer lint trap. Between floorboards. Every pocket: bathrobe, coat, pants. Read one post test strips clog garbage disposal, permanent damage therein. Now make sure not put down there. Bigfoot continue put tea bags there. Wish luck.

A solitary pee strip in the dishwasher

Never cognizant of until see in photo, but often use meter instruction manual as blotter paper. When Bubs fingertip bloody after test, usually wipe on Bigfoot palm. If blood very copious, Bigfoot steer Bubs toward instruction booklet. Then blot booklet on palm, forearm, pants, all three. Rub blood in until invisible. Jeans make good wiper. Pink cords not so good. Realize unclean but never develop habit have tissue handy. Already lap so full juggle all equipment, slide all over place, finger pricker fall to floor, so hard balance all item, how add tissue into repertoire this point? Same time, know not good plan continue this manner.

Landmark achievement for hygiene: find pee strip in dishwasher silverware basket. Turn stomach little bit but if keep open mind, this much less disgusting than rub blood all over self.




  1. Zak · February 14, 2012

    Heh. My kids won’t eat humus at normal humus time either. They hate humus. Humus is delicious.

    The trick with the mini bagels are to fold the turk bacon strip in half and place onto the low fat cream cheese smear and then make a sandwich. Zoe thinks I’m gourmet and it’s the perfect amount of carbs in the a.m. Gets her thru morning P.E. without a snack. HOLLA

    Also, our One Touch mini meter has broken like 4 times. We use the poker things with the Delica lancets coupled with the Freestyle Lite meter. I like the way it beeps when it is done reading. I also think it uses less blood.

    OMG, I’m done.


  2. Zak · February 14, 2012


    The testing strips are always in our dryer.


  3. Katy · February 14, 2012

    made a package of turkey bacon this morning. it was rejected. would pig’s bacon be better or worse than no bacon?


  4. K T C · February 14, 2012

    pig bacon good for the soul.


  5. cbwinchild · February 19, 2012

    another wonderful one, content wise. technically speaking, i’m liking all teh links you provide. YOU ARE LIKE THE NEW YORK TIMES.


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