That pleasant

Drop third grade swim companion off at house; drive home listen people call me rich ’cause I got mo’ mon-ay. Arrive, children’s dinner almost ready. Pour drink. Make tempeh-cauliflower thing from Super Natural Every Day while children eat. Children finish dinner, Bigfoot and Bigfoot spouse sit down kitchen counter/eat extremely elegant cauliflower-based meal. Bigfoot spouse play Grooveshark songs, tempeh cauliflower thing SO GOOD, every song SO GOOD, then screensaver switch on: it a slideshow.

All pictures from before family have diabetes. Compete for yell out location first. Bigfoot win every time; spouse even try? Children long gone, not play this game—prefer Nook + XBox. Middletown! PEI! Middletown! Suicide Hill! Our yard! Charlestown! Ivy’s house! Mount Washington Hotel! Black Point! Corsica! Middletown! Barthelona! PEI! Mexico! The Halloween everyone thought Bubs was wearing pajamas but he was GI Joe! Narragansett! Matunuck! Fifth Street! The trampoline!

Now Bigfoot step away from show, think maybe this goodness whisky related. But maybe also so lucky have eight years no diabetes? So many experiences, only worry about sunscreen or lost mitten.



  1. cbwinchild · January 6, 2012



  2. Zak · January 19, 2012

    123 is our total lucky glucose number. Zoe does some asshole dance when she gets a 123. And not to brag, but you let Bubs know that we had 123 TWICE in one day back in November. BOOYAH


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