Hello, Anxiety Clinic Patron

Bigfoot not want betray privacy, but often see known persons Hasbro Pediatric Anxiety Clinic. Just for record, Bigfoot not say large hello because not sure etiquette. Seem preferred pretend not see known person this place, like evangelical Republican bump into colleague at gay club.

Of course Bigfoot child anxious: have diabetes! Of course Bigfoot not embarrass when spotted Pediatric Anxiety Clinic waiting room. Bigfoot only embarrassed when therapist notice fiddle obsessively cuticles, can’t stop fiddling even when notice therapist notice Bigfoot notice therapist notice.

Other minor embarrassment occur waiting room, Bigfoot son play Doodlejump on iPhone 3G (understated retro, if hang on bit longer), other families in waiting room use iPad; many dyad parent and child each have own iPad. Today Bubs only have National Geographic Kids magazine, Wolves! issue because Bigfoot urgently need email friend just spotted Pediatric Anxiety Clinic, explain why not say bigger hello.


Meanwhile, Bubs high all day. Dream Nurse posit maybe coincidence home insulin and school insulin simultaneous stop function well? Dream Nurse dismiss theory, can’t jump conclusion one day high blood sugar. LogFrog graph so ugly–all spiky up high, only one normal, a 158: C minus of OK blood sugar. F, F, F, F, F, F, C-, F. Good night, sweetie-beans. Bigfoot check Lantus bottle. Magenta Sharpie “12-18” on label in Bigfoot best handwriting. No one ever solve mystery intended meaning: this date for open on or throw away on?



  1. Zak · January 4, 2012

    I change out the insulin on the 1st of every month, it’s the only way I can remember wtf I’m supposed to do with it.


    • Katy · January 4, 2012

      OK! We’re doing this now. I swapped out the old, put in the new, told Joe the new rule is FIRST OF THE MONTH. Zak, if I look harder, will I find your thoughts on pumps + the like?


  2. cbwinchild · January 4, 2012

    like evangelical Republican bump into colleague at gay club.<—made small foot's day


    • Katy · January 4, 2012

      small foot know better term “gay club” ? sentence should end with more dazzle, in bigfoot opinion. “fetish club” not quite right.


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