got more cheddar than some super sized nachos

Something happen 2012: Bigfoot family see price diabetes first time. When diabetes adventure begin August 2011, Bigfoot family already meet insurance deductible; everything label with price tag $0.00. Hospital: $0.00. Medicine: $0.00. Equipment: $0.00. Yesterday, after read Six Until Me, Bigfoot learn $0 not very close approximation actual cost.

Drugstore dot com list 5-catridge pack Humalog: $628.28 – save 18% ($136.74). Bigfoot obtain 5-pack each month. Lantus: $125/bottle. Holy crap. Bigfoot currently have $3000 insulin in fridge. That legal? And test strips: $120/100 strips. Fucking ass hats! Also have Animas insulin pump in basement ($7000.) Dexcom CGM on way tomorrow ($2000?)

One part brain, feel lucky. Other part, feel sure insurance system brink collapse. (When Bigfoot run insurance company, light cigar; sign initiative giant Mont Blanc pen: DUMP THE TYPE ONE DIABETICS ASAP.) And third part brain, feel disgusting hog resources.

Watch Life for a Child movie. Spoiler alert: Rural Nepalese diabetic child test blood sugar once every few months, travel six hours on foot/bus, faint on way, father scoop water buffalo dung bare hand earn money live close enough hospital keep child alive, keep vial insulin in twist-tie baggie in hole in floor fill with water—no fridge. Rural Nepalese cuisine look good though: rice + curry.

Bigfoot have idea for Blue Cross Blue Shield Rhode Island: offer $5000 diabetes supply Nepalese baby if Bubs forgo insulin pump. BCBSRI keep $2000 savings for cigars/Mont Blanc pens, Bigfoot not need learn insert tube Bubs’s abdomen, Nepalese baby test blood sugar 5,000 times over course 4 year when Bubs eligible insulin pump again.



  1. Zak · January 3, 2012

    I just can’t bring myself to watch Life For A Child yet. Also, I can’t even bring myself to talk about what we don’t pay. We have kick ass insurance and I know how incredibly lucky we are. Humalog is free, Lantus is five dollars for five month supply. My friend pays $137 a month for one vial of Lantus. Shit ain’t right, man.


  2. Katy · January 4, 2012

    I think you would like it. The ten (?) year old girl is so lovely and happy and sure she’ll be a nurse who’ll be part of the solution and the viewer can believe it. Also, Nepal is beautiful—>better scenery, worse medicine. I hope you watch it and write about it. Or skip it and say more about facial hair!


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