This is a good place.

See you in February.

Bubs’s first A1C=7.3. No Coro personnel  express surprise; wilted pancreas correct parental error while on honeymoon. No congratulate. Normal.

Bubs love Dr. Doughnut. Discover mutual hatred of wear socks, closed-in shoes. So jolly. Wear fine gauge merino pants, probably Eileen Fisher 2011 edition. Fanciful eyeglasses, red-yellow-purple floral frames, somehow not tacky. Dr. Doughnut feel sites on Bubs’s arms, legs, and bum where injection go. Everything healthy, fine.

Next Dr. Doughnut hand Bigfoot $110, a $50 and three $20. This a surprise. What money for? Turn out it for Chucky Doll study. That study end now. Bigfoot not sure result. Learn Chucky Doll company other medical simulation doll include pregnant woman. This one give birth animatronic baby. Chucky Doll company also make animatronic friend for lonely man? After money exchange, diabetes exam, casual conversation portion of show begin.

Oh, yeah.

DD: So, what else? What else has been going on? You having any fun?

BUBS: (shrugs)

DD: What kinds of stuff have you been doing?

BUBS: (looks at Bigfoot, smiles, shrugs) playing video games?

DD: Cool! Whadja playing?

BUBS: (shrugs, blushes)

DD: What games are you playing? Halo?

BUBS: (impressed) (looks up in awe)





  1. Sara · December 10, 2011

    Congrats on the A1c, even if the busted pancreas helped you out a little! 🙂


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