It get better?

Bigfoot seek Dan Savage It Gets Better campaign for diabetic children (gay or not gay.) It get better? So far, not get better.

Every week need more, more, more insulin. Every week send chart of blood sugar number Dr. Doughnut, highlight high #s orange, low #s blue. Page look very orange. Bubs pause building cardboard/tape sculpture, proclaim Dr. Doughnut is going to be disappointed in me.

BFOOT + BFOOT SPOUSE: (in chorus) No! No she won’t. This isn’t your fault. You can’t control it.

BFOOT SPOUSE: You can only control how you feel about it.

BFOOT: (silently) The hell? Control a feeling—what does that even mean?

Next up, dinnertime: build custom burritos. Bubs choose black beans, tortilla. No cheese. No avocado. No slaw. No hot sauce. No sour cream. Bigfoot eyeball this meal. Very high carb. Maybe if sneak in more fat, slow down sugar spike? Too late, Bigfoot pour mango smoothie into glass. Bigfoot make smoothie, think Bubs not have enough fruit this day. Then have second thought and smoothie look like big glass of high blood sugar make Bubs go blind. Even worse: Bubs want 2nd burrito, just beans and tortilla. Consent to some cheese but it probably too late apply brake. This meal require 6u Humalog cover carbs at 1:20 + 1u correction for BS > 200. Math: that 7u! A huge shot. Used to be 1/2 unit for meal. Maybe 1 unit. Now 7. Whip through vial.

Bigfoot wish consult dietician, but remember Coro Center dietician team think corn a vegetable. Maybe rub lantern, genie version Dr. Weil come out. Embrace Bigfoot, smell of very advanced variety patchouli, hand Bubs shitaake mushroom and administer accupuncture, cure diabetes, vanish.

Best diet advice so far, eat cinnamon. Share news with Bubs. Bubs love cinnamon. Brainstorm meal: I should have cinnamon buns! And sticky buns! And that cinnamon bread we have for Christmas!

This week choose pump. Probably Bubs choose whichever look most like Star Wars ship.



  1. Liz Boucher · December 7, 2011

    I will not make you a video, but I promise IT GETS BETTER…5 years in as a parent of child with T1- it is no longer terrifying. I am able to look at the meal of pasta with butter and salt and bread and know that it is just one meal, not her going blind. I am able to look at a chart with lots of high, hear Dr. Donut make the changes to insulin doses with the pump, and know it is not a judgement, just life with diabetes. We’ve figured out that biking and swimming really lower her blood sugar more than other exercises, and she will swear up and down that chewing gum helps lower her sugar (…the same way her little brother asks for a juice box b/c he is low…and he DOESN’T have diabetes! There’s a scam in here somewhere1).
    HANG IN THERE BIGFOOT. IT GETS BETTER! (Also I think I saw posted on six until me a while back that there is a woman creating a series of it gets better videos for diabetes – check it out)


  2. Steve · December 7, 2011

    Just discovered Dr. Weil. Before that Dr. Mercola. Dr. Bernstein. Drs. Greene and Carter. Of course, Hawkeye (but back then you had to be a diabetic chopper pilot to get any attention). We’ve too been down the route of highlighting BGs. It’s great practice for worrisome parents, though not so great on our confidence when the page glows like a neon sign. And also, Lia loves cinnamon. She pairs it with sugar on her whole wheat toast. Sigh.


    • Katy · December 7, 2011

      I’ll have to look into the other Dr.’s! Do you mean Hawkeye from MASH? Is diabetic? I might be too slow to understand what you mean.


  3. Sara · December 8, 2011

    There is actually an “it gets better” project for people with diabetes (and their loved ones). There are about 100 videos posted so far. It’s called the You Can Do This Project and it was started by Kim, whose blog is Texting My Pancreas. Anyway – the link is here if you are interested –


    • Katy · December 8, 2011

      Thank you, Sara! This is perfect!


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