Baltimore Squares

Many weeks, Bigfoot anticipate Baltimore trip, celebrate friend’s 40th birthday. Bigfoot imagine big chance get away, first time since diagnosis. Imagine become completely relaxed, wear sequins, get cocaine, maybe win contest, get in glass booth with powerful fan, grab as many hundred dollar bills as possible, or become backup singer/dancer. Seem anything possible. Reality, Bigfoot stay same Bigfoot. Get motion sickness, throw up out window of Volvo in Mt. Vernon Whole Foods parking lot. Spend time with friend, get massage, look at Bon Iver records Urban Outfitters, it all very nice.


Now home. Everyone happy be together again. But same problem as before left: bathroom exhaust fan not work, walls get all wet. Holly bush have sad, skimpy string Christmas lights, need add more. Bubs high blood sugar. Bigfoot disappointed. Leave two days, everything stay same. Nothing improve while Bigfoot gone, also run out of bananas.

Coming week feel big: new friend invite Bubs over to play. Bigfoot not know how reply. Like new friend very much. Live close by. Family very nice. Grandmother have cute dog. But how Bigfoot explain glucagon pen? Bigfoot afraid Grandmother or mother say, “Actually, never mind. We didn’t realize this would be such a hassle!” Also, Bigfoot not know New Friend family well enough decide square/no square—know only this: good looking, like dogs, Catholic.


One comment

  1. Liz Boucher · December 5, 2011

    I think you will love the pump. It made our lives so much easier- playdates became easier, too. And in 5 years we have never had to use the glucagon…
    Good that you got to get away.
    -Liz Boucher


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