So Savvy

Yesterday Dream Nurse absent from school. Sub Nurse call Bigfoot. Sub Nurse unusual speech pattern overuse word “savvy.” As if just learn word savvy, love it, want use it over and over.

“Mrs. Bigfoot? I just wanted to call to introduce myself? Bubs came down to see me and, you know? Boy, is he savvy.” Then invite Bigfoot come in office, demonstrate how test blood sugar. In person, Sub Nurse explain, “I have seven diabetic kids at my school in Portsmouth, and they’re all on pumps! But I can tell, your son is savvy! Boy, is he savvy! He was ready to show me how alllll the equipment works by himself, but I told him we’d better have Mom here with us for the first time.” Then, in voice like Broadway musical aside, “He is so savvy.”

Pick up time, more savvy-savvy-savvy. Nurse offer Cliff Notes version life story: turn out nursing second career for Sub Nurse. Have “rich background in Rhode Island schools,” as administrator and guidance counselor. Bigfoot say, “Wow! That’s really cool.” But think, you are frightening me. Then Sub Nurse ask, “When will Bubs be on the pump?” As if plan not return our school until that time arrive.

It a huge relief Dream Nurse back on scene today. Bigfoot really enjoy Dream Nurse daily email with blood sugar numbers and play-by-play commentary: Bubs had only 16g carbs for lunch (the crackers, the roast turkey, and some of the nuts), but gave him a whole unit since he was veering a little more toward the high side.

Bigfoot tell Dream Nurse, “Sub Nurse was a real character! (I mean that in a nice way.)” But it not true, Bigfoot mean it in bad way.



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