Best place for abortion + croissant

FYI: this chocolate croissant > 68 carbs.

After bracing appointment at Coro Center, Bubs ready for urban snack. No problem, Coro around corner from Olga’s Cup and Saucer. Know what that mean: walk through men with need express negative opinion of abortion access. Olga’s next to Planned Parenthood. Used to be Thursday abortion day, protesters only come that day. Maybe new trainee come every day of week. Maybe new protesters confused about days of week begin with T.

Bigfoot not have large heart toward protest. Like to think this unrelated to ideas about women’s rights. This very annoying group, men have long gray beard with dried glazed doughnut woven in, bony hands of type grab audience member in haunted house, stand right beside Children’s Museum and best Golden Raisin Fennel loaf in town with bloody fetus poster, yell mean things at women, follow with “We’ll pray for you and your baby.” (Bigfoot realize this count as generous in some circle.) Olga’s cozy atmosphere and excellent croissant make protester experience worthwhile.

Unfortunately, Bigfoot use Au Bon Pain carb listing for Olga’s chocolate croissant. It wrong. Bubs have high blood sugar later in day. Wish had sound effect for wrong answer on 70’s game show. Mrrrwahn-wahn-wahnnn.

Wiggle insulin dose toward 1:30. That work better, maybe tomorrow try this formula.

Later this day, Bigfoot aunt arrive with large orange shopping bag filled with Halloween presents. Trick or treat bags glow in dark. Sparkly rings: one skull, one bat. Three type of Halloween cookies: sugar owl have candy corn beak, chocolate skeleton with white frosting bone outline, and salty peanut minicupcake with Reese’s peanut butter cup center. That a lot of sugar but know what this good aunt do? Calculate all carb per cookie. This more generous than prayer. This generous + thoughtful + maybe rescue holiday in dire need rescue from dismal drear of candy and dismal drear of try make cool costume out of blue masking tape and pop gun.

This also help rescue Halloween–probably already share. Memory not steel trap.



  1. Angela memm · October 28, 2011

    Ha, I know what you mean about the Coro center, PP, and Olgas.


  2. Isabelle · October 29, 2011

    Maybe people know a good place for an enema and a cruller?


  3. Isabelle · October 29, 2011

    In Baltimore used to be a place for tans and tacos! Closed down for secretly videotaping.


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