Bigfoot love the 90s

Apple cider: 30 carbs per 8 oz. glass. Amy's Quattro Formaggio: 45 carbs per half pizza.

Today Bigfoot and Bigfoot spouse modify insulin dose, no consult Coro Center. Ha! Get it exactly right: blood sugar in 90’s all day, 135 at dinner time. However, feel unsure Dr. Doughnut consider this acceptable parent action. Bigfoot check email five times since send blood sugar record, anticipate admonishment. Maybe subject of email WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE or YOUR CHILD’S ENDOCRINE SYSTEM IS NOT A PLAYGROUND.

Gentlemen, check your blood sugar

Take step back, recall Dr. Doughnut always kind. No reason think she capital letter yell Bigfoot direction. Two steps back: Bigfoot realize anytime open email from anyone care about, anticipate rage for split second. Think email from friend will say I ACTUALLY HATE YOU. Think email from person work for will say I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU EXPECT ME TO PAY YOU FOR THIS. Think email from aunt will say I ALWAYS BRING YOU BANANA BREAD AND YOU GIVE ME NOTHING. Think email from Cords Co-op members will say YOU FIND THE WORST PANTS, SERIOUSLY. Think email from mother will say YOU ARE SO SELFISH. Think email from teacher will say I HAVEN’T BEEN TELLING YOU HOW HORRIBLE YOUR CHILD IS. Think email from book publicity people will say SINCE YOU NEVER WRITE ABOUT OUR BOOKS, SEND THE REVIEW COPIES BACK IMMEDIATELY OR ELSE. Think email from husband say YOU ARE MEAN. Think email from church office will say. Not worried about church office.

Today Bigfoot spouse and B.S. father measure yard for garage. Bigfoot threaten move out if build attached garage on pretty little farmhouse. This little extreme, but get point across. To show good sport, accompany males Seekonk Grand Prix for car race; after calculate carbs Five Guys Burger and Fries macho afternoon snack. It so gross. Everyone there a teenage boy or obese or both. Jack and Bubs love it, actually hear lips smack through greasy ketchup, halfway through burger ask, “Can we get another one?”



  1. Katy · October 23, 2011

    Dr. Doughnut reply:

    Good morning: didn’t get the attachment-
    Dr. Doughnut


  2. Isabelle · October 23, 2011

    I feel same about phone: Grandmother “I haven’t heard from you in so long” (two days ago). Dad “You never call. I love you but I don’t like you.”


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