Bed cheese

Doesn't that look tasty?

Sunshine of Dr. Doughnut approval shine on Bigfoot home today:

agree with the 1:40 all day- good job. have a good week- I will be out of town next weekend so if any questions, ask Jean

Doctor not scary. She not criticize. She say “good job.” That actual phrase from email. Not know why so worry her response.

Now 1:40 ration sanctioned by endocrinology realm, think be all set for while. But Bubs have so-so blood sugar today. 64-style low before lunch—cure with candy corn. Bedtime more bad news: 271! And as soon as read it, Bubs not say Sorry! like usual say when high, instead say Cheese. Can I please have some cheese. Three pieces, please. Three pieces of American cheese. This how Bigfoot come to have American cheese plastic wrapper on bed, and wet-hair boy in underpants flopping around like cheese-starved monkey.

Dog very attentive Bigfoot bedside. Bigfoot bad feeling cheese residue get on fresh sheets. This how Bigfoot mastermind new rule: Do Not Eat Cheese in My Bed.

After declare new rule, try get in relaxed mood with gentle conversation:

BFOOT: You know, there’s school tomorrow

BUBS: I know

BFOOT: Do you think you’ll be able to get ready for school without complaining, with good cooperation?

BUBS: Probably not

BFOOT: Well, will you be able to do it without yelling at me?

BUBS: I don’t think so

Some other bad effects happen now. (Bad effect #1: cheese on bed.) Bad effect #2: fingertips getting overused, sometimes not stop bleeding right away—not so dewy soft, not immediately reseal after puncture. Bad effect #3: visible bruises on thighs, think from Lantus injection. Could also be yard football injury. Bad effect #4: used test strips on porch, floor of car, clothes dryer, dishwasher, every bathrobe/jacket pocket. Scatter everywhere like sand after day at beach, but bloody.


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