Cotton Candy Courage

Thank you, people of carnival, for not attempting to correct this lunch choice.

School Carnival today. Play skeeball, win stomp rocket. Get insulin injection under Kindergarten portico, eat cotton candy. Bigfoot strongly prefer no one eat this, diabetic or ordinary, but decide try courage.

All while eat, Jack admonish Bubs, “Why do you want to eat insulation?”  as if he think of by self, not rip off Mike Birbiglia. “Seriously. Doesn’t it look just like insulation but with sugar and pink food coloring?” Jack not general contractor, not know insulation inherently pinker than pink cotton candy, not require food coloring. Bubs chomp off last tuft, hand Jack paper cone saliva-moistened scraps adhere to: Jacky, do you want some? (Eagerly accept.)

So happy not change endocrinologist. Each time get email Dr. Doughnut, shudder think how hard communication when telephone required. Now 3 units Lantus. Ratio 1:60 Humalog, 1:40 at dinner, add 1 unit to calculation if high before meal. That feel better.

Glad smart friend tell me, “A blog is like sitting on a park bench muttering to yourself, and the reader is someone who comes and sits and listens for a while. Facebook is like screaming it for everyone to hear.” This all to say, Bigfoot realize it not scintillating; say anyway, make self feel better look back and read how stupid Bigfoot one week ago, realize how accomplished/masterful Bigfoot now.


One comment

  1. Isabelle · October 16, 2011

    Mike Birbiglia NPR routine on sleep/lack thereof perennially hilarious.


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