266, 213, 321


Happy, play, brothers work together set table no fight over who light candle, who sit where. Have polite little boy over to visit, Star Wars afternoon easy, mellow. Everything about today good.

Of course that not true—Bigfoot develop small sore on gum after drink too much Vietnamese coffee. Also one person knock kitchen stool over, create hole in wall, Bigfoot go in Sherwin Williams buy whipped spackle, disappoint salesperson with meager consumer need. Also blood sugar numbers very poor.

So careful record all metabolic data. Bigfoot and Bigfoot spouse do best count carbs, use legendary precise metric system on scale, weigh glass of milk, weigh slice of bread, weigh peanut. Hold needle in injection site count ten before remove, give insulin no opportunity leak back out.

Lately boys play question game: would you kill Butter if it would cure diabetes? YES INDEED. Which would you rather have, a hundred million dollars or no more diabetes? $100,000,000. Would you rather go on a Disney Cruise or to just plain Disney World, but you get to stay in the nicest resort? IT’S A TIE.


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