Oreo Astronomy + Flu Shot

Still not sure about gibbous

<—THIS why Bigfoot must remember take one day at time. Jack come home science project: eat frosting many Oreo cookie, create diagram phases of moon. See picture? That how many Oreo. It whole plate regulation Oreo. This not mini-Oreo on cake plate. Mind jump ahead to Bubs in fifth grade, have to use small plastic knife carve frosting from cookie, discard frosting to side of plate, project get messy, hands get sticky, Bubs hate sticky hands. Sad scene.

Bigfoot hope current elementary school principal (who not allow any food ever—no cupcake, no candy corn math, no happy birthday baby carrot snax) and nurse (who offer better care than any medical person in life, ever) decide change career, develop yen focus on 4th and 5th grade, eventually realize enjoy career middle school grade 6, 7, 8 best. By 2017 Bubs be OK on own for day.

Today flu vaccine clinic after school. Jack enjoy nasal mist method, Bubs ineligible this variety, have to take needle. Bigfoot notice pride glimmer Bubs’s eyes—it huge needle. Needle nurse try make conversation ask, “Do you know what type you have? Type One or Type Two.” Bubs tell her Type One, politely glance at Bigfoot disbelief can you believe this? When vaccine syringe loaded, Bubs sigh, modulate volume perfectly benefit others hear I guess this’ll be just like Lantus, but in my arm with tone “another day, another dollar.” Bigfoot have to look away, not want to see needle tip poke through skin, come out other side skinny little arm.

Later on, Bubs ask, “Can you believe she thought I might be a Type Two?” This becoming issue for Bigfoot and son: revile Type Two sufferer. It easy hate fat person abuse body, take health for granted, bring disease on self. Meanwhile, hold self in high esteem of true title holder, #1 Diabetic. Bigfoot know in brain this not fair. It not based in science. But notice not put forth much effort squelch Bubs sneer attitude toward Type Two diabetic population. Type One/Type Two kind of like gay and transgender—it good support each other for benefit of all, even if tension burble underneath, think own group true victim.


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