Autumn come for real now. Chilly at night, dry skin, need much hand moisturizer. Bake gingerbread, tally carbs, find exactly 1000 carbs in entire cake. Really 997 carbs in entire cake. Cut into twelfths. Whipped cream from can have only 33 carbs in whole can. This very surprising. OK squirt liberally on cake. Maybe many diabetic people eat whipped cream for dessert, top with cake crumb. Other autumnal memento include:

  • 1/4 cup honey roasted peanuts + 7 candy corn make perfect 20 gram carb snack for school (but probably this last day of 20 gram freebie. Maybe need revert back to 5 gram max freebie)
  • Bubs ask, “Can I be buried next to your grave, if there’s room?” Bigfoot answer, “Sure!” a bit too cheerfully
  • Get dark early
  • All inn Franconia, NH booked for weekend; also Sugar Hill

Climbing on a car, modeling another sub-par diabetes bracelet

It too hard calculate carbs Polly’s Pancake Parlor anyway.

Doleful sigh.

Maybe wonder, “Why Bubs wearing crappy drugstore diabetes bracelet again?” It because RoadID missing after Bubs chew through red rubber. Like dog! Bigfoot swear, see Bubs at school, very self-assured, happy, always many friends, have conga line, play elaborate imagination game together on boulder behind playground etc. Happy boy. Once home alone with Bigfoot, become nervous wreck: volatile mood, chew hair, t-shirt, bracelet, hop on one foot. It good thing Bubs and Bigfoot only alone 45 minutes before Jack arrive home, create different sort of discord.


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