Low, low, low

Bigfoot already tell new ratio insulin unit: carb grams? It 1:60. Already tell how this dose not feel right in Bigfoot gut, think maybe need defy Dr. prescription, continue 1:40? Instead Bigfoot follow order, plan see what happen if try for one day. In mind, draft email and voice mail message to endocrinologist, inform her of dreadful result this new dose; try figure out way describe dreadful result/not sound accusatory—not want seem like total bitch.

WHAT HAPPEN: Bubs low 4 times. Mid-morning at school: 63. Nurse give 3 glucose tabs, recheck 15 minutes later: 59. (Time to gasp.) This never happen before. Why sugar number plummet, even with three tabs pure sugar floating in blood? Glad not trust Bigfoot gut. Learn lesson: trust Dr. Doughnut. Shudder think what happen to Bubs if have more insulin—probably Glucagon debut. Bigfoot not scientist. Not ready for freestyle dosing.



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