Book report plus note from teacher

This woman also had bird plums, not pictured.

Favorite book in house, for long time, What I Eat: Around the World In 80 Diets. This tour of world arranged least to most calorie consume typical day. No political commentary, no “free Tibet,” no “Americans so fat.”

Many area of world use Knorr bullion products in exotic flavor. Maybe have pile of grain, fermented yak milk, dry cheese curd, and Knorr mutton-flavor bullion. Often foods on list reader not know what look like. Bigfoot sons like read list of foods, try locate each thing in portrait. This a fun game. One woman drink own urine.  That an exciting page. Every day Bubs want read this book.

Bubs and Jack always like Indian Shaman guy meal best. Very skinny, elderly man consume only boiled water from dainty brass kettle all day, then have one meal curry, dal, rice, naan, fried puffy bread too. Bigfoot try recreate this Shaman meal. Boys not impressed—fried puffy bread missing.

Bigfoot glad no portrait What Bubs Eat this week. Pretty sad what he eat at school. Nurse agree Bigfoot eat real food at home, it OK eat power bar lunch. Home: oatmeal, milk, maple syrup. School: graham cracker + peanut butter. Mini Luna bar. Chocolate milk. Cliff protein bar. Sobe Lifewater Zero. Home: Banana + peanut butter + rice cake. Cookies. Milk. Apple. Carrot. Beans + cheese + tortilla. Mint Oreo ice cream.

At school Bubs only eat food in wrapper, not have to touch. Every day Bigfoot put apple, cheese, almonds in lunch box but it just a good mommy show. Bigfoot eat almonds, cheese and apple when clean out lunchbox in afternoon. Love room temperature Babybel. So salty.

Iran. Yum.

Meanwhile, Bigfoot write note to thank Bubs’s teacher for allow nurse teach class diabetes facts. That not true, it only email note. Bigfoot in awe this teacher, she so competent and firm, also all children love, also adorable and very neat appearance. She write back: I am so lucky to have [Bubs] this year!  He has become a wonderful addition to our classroom family.  I love when he starts talking about a topic he is passionate about (like Legos!) his whole face lights up from behind all that hair!!!  He is a polite young man! This illustrate something Bigfoot not understand elementary school teachers: they really like children or it a coping mechanism for dealing most irritating population nine months year?

Bigfoot usually spend time with children scheme get time alone as fast as possible. Grit teeth through teach make pancakes. Try muster some interest sports chat. No natural talent Lego Star Wars ship. Food book always enjoy time together.



  1. Isabelle · October 2, 2011

    I am publicly well known for being bad at Legos, only able to build walls. Try building spaceship, looks like a spaceship-shaped wall. Called to aid only when actual wall needed. Niche design/build consultant only.


  2. Angela memm · October 3, 2011

    I think she (teacher) is genuinely like that. Same way for us, and we only had smart-Alec kid to deal with, no medical conditions. We loved her.


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