Why people eat so fastly

Will reliably eat maple syrup

Bubs OK. Blood sugar numbers fine, little high after Bigfoot give two candy corn (4 carbs) as freebie. Maybe it a problem Bubs have teeny-tiny appetite, no buffer in belly for candy corn havoc.

Breakfast: oatmeal + maple syrup + milk.

Snack at school: 2 cracker + peanut butter sandwich

Lunch: Cliff Builder’s Bar. Water.

Snack after school: 1/2 apple. Cookie. Milk.

For dinner eat tiny bites chicken + black bean quesadilla. Eat 1/4 apple. Glass of milk. Eschew avocado. Bigfoot tempted give Bubs big bowl Ben and Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chunk ice cream, fatten up, but Bigfoot stick to this strategy: just keep offer nutritious food, eventually he become hungry and gobble up. Bigfoot adhere this strategy 5+ years now, Bubs still not become hungry enough eat hearty meal.

“Why do people eat so fastly?” Bubs ask. “Do they just go like this—” (Bubs mime sticking fork deep into food and lifting it to mouth) “—over and over again?” Bigfoot think, why yes, they do. Say, “Uh huh. Yes. Pretty much like that. Does that seem odd to you?” Bubs blink at Bigfoot, silently gobsmacked.


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