P.F. Love Sac: Bigfoot visit Natick

We did not choose this copper LoveSac

Bigfoot detest stay home humid day, no plan. Decide take Bubs and Jack Lego store, give Bigfoot spouse time and space do school work. Boys moderately impress by Bigfoot cool idea.

Lego store in Natick at huge shopping mall. Clever Bigfoot determine budget $50 on wasteful boy expenditure, plus lunch. Think this very luxurious, but think also, what the hell. Bigfoot understand why ill children get toys: because parent think, “This child brings our family tens of thousands of dollars of free medicine. Surely I can buy some toys with those earnings.” Also, “What is $39.99 in comparison to the sadness I would feel if we were in the hospital today?” Bubs select Lego Star Wars ship look exactly like every other Lego Star Wars ship, kind of pointy with cockpit. Jack accept Bigfoot offer of cash in exchange for just please don’t ask me to buy you something you don’t even want. Bigfoot think this an astonishing offer, no one else blink an eye.

Next door Lego is LoveSac. Bigfoot and sons not familiar with this shop but get sucked directly into heather gray SuperSac, feel like heaven. Three fit easily. Saleswoman Suzanne eager Bigfoot buy this excessive tuffet. She offer free Squattoman (“$200 value!”) also neck pillow and snap-on soda can holder—all in cunning heather gray. Also offer complimentary foot-pocket Eskimo Phur blanket. (“$200 value!”) It like Ronco ad. Bigfoot ask how much chair cost without add-ons, Suzanne explain it cost more buy solo, this special package for limited time only. When Bigfoot ask for price of Buddha bowl, Suzanne say, “I can throw in some of those too!” That seal deal. Bigfoot not care about furniture at all, only want to impress children with largesse and get free set Buddha bowl. Bigfoot hungry; pretty sure Buddha bowl make life complete, enjoy soulful meal of brown rice with miso sauce or steel cut oats, eat mindfully, never feel sad again.

Three design it yourself minifigures for $9.99! We did not do this.

Then it lunch time. Choose P.F. Chang’s way back 7:30AM—it easy find carb information online for entire menu, also Bigfoot imagine it difficult administer insulin injection in food court, never go this town before and not know how Natick inhabitants behave. Could be very uptight about needle or have 3rd world sense of personal space, jostle Bigfoot shooting arm, cause needle trauma.

Best part of meal: roomy booth = nice place for injection.

Blood sugar OK all day, only little high after dinner. Lego ship complete. Everyone asleep.


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