Look like we made it

Today first day Bigfoot recall ever have no high BS and no low BS. All day between 81-166.

Maybe this nothing celebrate. If not blame self for whack number, maybe preferable remain neutral for good number. It obvious Bigfoot not really “get it,” not even begin to know what “it” is. Want some goal or prize. Not even have to be prize Bigfoot like.

Not yet available.

What is best number? No one like to say. Bigfoot think it probably 114, but doctors not want to make parent crazy with difficult, tiny target. Not know why state target 80-180. Bigfoot pretty sure 180 not very nice BS number at all.

Here something from a Dorling Kindersly Star Wars book: (—->)

Too bad it not real product. Bigfoot very excited see this in book. Bubs not relate on diabetes level, only Jedi level. Regardless, Bigfoot sure this become top seller CVS diabetes novelty shelf if George Lucas license.

Here something from school folder take Bigfoot breath away, until realize it regarding chicken in fable:

It's about a chicken. In a story.

At first think column heading “Children’s Feelings.” Nope, it Chicken’s Feelings. Chicken in fox terotory—that the problem.

Bigfoot read excellent blog post today, it very good explain feeling in hospital night after diagnosis. It like this.


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