Bigfoot make large error. No photo available.

Last night Bigfoot forget to give Bubs basal insulin. This a new kind of error, feel new bad territory of not know what to do.

In morning today Jack between chomps of breakfast, say “Hey, did you even give Briggs a shot of Lantus last night?” Bigfoot and Bubs’s eyes meet, both mouth make small O shape. Bubs rather calmly ask, “Am I going to die now?”

Bigfoot call doctor on pager. Write to diabetes mother friend who may be faster reply than doctor.

Doctor call back, say not do anything, probably Bubs have some high blood sugar today and tomorrow, it probably be OK, maybe need check urine for ketones. Call if ketones, she tell Bigfoot what dose fast-acting insulin give to bring blood sugar down. Friend write back, say this happen to her once, it OK. Bigfoot call school nurse to tell about mistake. She prepared, make sure have ketone test strip, ready for action.

School nurse call at noon, Bubs have low. “He’s fine now, I just thought you would want to know he’s not high!” This so strange. Maybe lucky Bigfoot forget shot? Who know. This a stupid disease, reward parent for error. Nice blood sugar rest of day, 117, 118, etc.

Also rest of day, Bigfoot feel shitty, try to find other error, preferably error made by other person. It never take Bigfoot long to spot this kind of error: e.g. Bigfoot spouse think household standard drinking glass hold 8 ounces of milk but it hold six! Also, he not know one cup=8 fluid ounces. Not know pint=2 cups. Not know quart=4 cups. After that, Bigfoot give in—it enough.

Now not sleep, read about Ron Paul. He an OB/GYN! Watch Jon Stewart. Refresh facebook. Search Garnet Hill and Company Store for a la carte dog-themed flannel sheets, twin size fitted + twin duvet cover + standard sham.

It Open House for third grade this evening. Bigfoot arrive 45 minutes late to the 60-minute program. It imagination or other parent give look as if to say there is poor Bigfoot. She late because she struggle with ill child, maybe she drunk or need to cry in car. Look, she signing up to be math lab volunteer, probably not show up. They not know Bigfoot late because linger over book about casserole in public library, disgusting photo of shrimp embedded in rice on cover.


One comment

  1. Isabelle · September 15, 2011

    No one reminded you? See, guilt and shame ready for NATO-like deployment.


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