No papaya, small cucumber only

Bubs have homework for Monday: bring fruit for seed categorization project and talk with family about one summer memory, prepare for writing assignment begin this week. Name smell, taste, sound, sight, as many detail as possible to prime brain for writing juicy language.

In Bigfoot memory, Bubs have fairly amazing summer. Travel Mediterranean by sea with family; also Charlestown Town/Peabody/2nd/Paine’s Creek beaches; also hurricane; also get new bicycle, blah blah blah. Also go ER and Hasbro Children’s hospital—that quite something.

Bubs choose summer memory for writing at school and it pathetic: watch National Treasure on small tv while resting in bunk bed. Bigfoot spouse try to get Bubs remember what eat at dinner with waiter name Beethoven hover over before film—no remember. What see? Bed, sheet, pillow, tv. What hear? Noises of film.

Maybe Bubs really not remember any experience like ride boat through cave in Malta or pedal boat with small integrated water slide in Sicily or noisy Barcelona flat or popsicles in Bouqueria and crappy crowded toy store with outdated Lego inventory but still thrilling find Lego set in strange city. Any of this eversomuch better choice than National Treasure.

For seed dissection homework, Bubs ask to bring papaya, but Bigfoot forget purchase; offer small cucumber and wilted snap pea instead. It all balance—Bubs not get papaya, Bigfoot not get happy summer memory essay to prove have nice family. That why it important take picture.


One comment

  1. Isabelle · September 13, 2011

    Also important leave ingrate children at home with ex sister in law to rot brain on unjustifiably beloved video games and have nice time in Paris with appreciative partner of legal drinking age.


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