Cry, Cry Baby

In the video for Cee Lo Green’s song about diabetes, Jaleel White plays Cee Lo’s personification of the defective, yet eerily liberated, pancreas of a recently diagnosed child.

At perfect time, Bigfoot see Cee Lo Green Cry Baby video. Now it only seem funny to cry—it crack Bigfoot up. Jaleel White fist-twist dance push act of crying over edge into ridiculous. Bigfoot very responsive to faux-cruel teasing when feel vulnerable. This why love man barely know for ridicule Bigfoot when bring bottled dressing to pot luck supper.

This morning drop Bubs off at school, he turn back for bonus hug two, three, four, maybe five time. Not just for Bigfoot bonus hug but also for Jack. Sigh, “Bye, Jacky. Have a good day. Hug?” Repeat. Then he motion Bigfoot bend down for secret: I really do not want to do this anymore. All day Bigfoot haunted by this statement. Bubs mean not want to…go to school? Have disease? Be driven to school in car instead of bus? Dramatic pause: live?

Once again, school nurse keep Bubs out of coma. Bigfoot tell her again how lucky feel she there. I don’t know what we would do if you weren’t here. Her response, “Well, it gives me a purpose! This is what I’m trained to do. This is my profession!” She mention some kids curious what Bubs doing with finger poke, etc. and suggest perhaps soon time to address topic to get it out of the way. Additionally, she offer Bigfoot tutorial in use Glucagon pen on citrus fruit, think it good demystify giant needle, maybe Bigfoot not shudder when mention the dreadful, slim red case.

On drive home, Bigfoot ask Bubs if some kids watch him with blood sugar test kit, ask if classmates curious what he doing huddled over by sink in classroom with nurse.

BUBS: Yeah! They asked me what I was eating!

BFOOT: What do you tell them?

BUBS: I told them they’re big giant sugar tablets that taste like strawberries!

BFOOT: Did you tell them why you were eating them?

BUBS: No, because they’re jealous of me. You know? It’s really fun when people are jealous. Usually people don’t even notice me, but now they all want to know about the glucose tablets!

BFOOT: Are you going to tell them about your diabetes soon? Because I bet they’re wondering.

Simulation–this not Bigfoot, but this Bigfoot new pants.

BUBS: Nah, they don’t care about that. They only care about the tablets.

It obvious everyone—Bigfoot and Bubs anyway, pretty sure Bigfoot spouse and Jack felt pretty normal this month thanks to Bigfoot freak out enough for family of 4 or more—feel better at this point. Try not imagine sugar nibbling away at heart, eyes, kidneys, capillaries, other essential life system. Try not imagine thyroid disease problem begin. Try not imagine needle piercing skin, thighs speckle with bruise. It easy grab mental picture make Bigfoot cry. Then think Jaleel White dance.

However, it important maintain some bit bad feeling because Bigfoot buy awesome orange-red cords that may not fit if regain weight lost due to anxiety.


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