Much ado no biggie

BFOOT: How was school?

BUBS: Good.

BFOOT: Was it annoying having diabetes at school?

BUBS: Nahhh.

BFOOT: Did anyone ask you about it?

BUBS: Nope.

BFOOT: Isn’t Mrs. S such a nice teacher?

BUBS: Yeah, she’s super nice.

It evident, upon reflection, Bigfoot not master art of conversation—too many leading question. Anyway, at beginning of day Bigfoot predict day filled with tears. Instead have day filled with salty almonds and Star Wars Battlefront game and pasta and broccoli and rain.


One comment

  1. Kay Tarson · September 7, 2011

    My thoughts were with all of you the entire day. I asked my worksister again what age her son got the dx. It was during middle school, so a whole diff set of stuff. However, Bubs will totally be in control of his situation by then, and that’s when it would be socially tricky. Pollyanna Kay’s message for the day: Yay! We get this routine down pat so it does not interfere with middle school dynamics.


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