Uh oh. It happening tomorrow.

School begin tomorrow. Bigfoot not freak out, instead have revelation: no one feel sorry for Bubs because Type 1 Diabetes not so, so bad. Maybe 17% people have worse health situation, no need to list other things possibly go wrong. If include bad personality as health problem stat go up to 25%.

Today Bubs practice school lunch and snack. That not true, Bigfoot force Bubs do this; he barely drag along this exercise. Choose for 10:00AM snack: mini Luna bar (White Chocolate Macadamia, 10 grams carbs) and Sobe LifeWater Zero (Strawberry Apricot flavor with green cap, 0 net carbs). Result: blood sugar 77 two hours later. That kind of low. Moving on.

For lunch, Bubs invent disgusting thing, Bigfoot try to maintain facial expression of disinterest: “Ham Snacks” (=8 Ritz crackers with bag of ham, form into 4 mini sandwiches in lunch room/at kitchen counter) 20 carbs; vanilla milk, 31 carbs; Pirate Booty baggie, 10 carbs; tube yogurt, 11 carbs. Inject 2 units insulin. Result: Bigfoot spouse take Bubs to Seekonk Grand Prix, medical bag w ice pack along for field trip.

Bigfoot try to think of way entice Jack see Rise of the Planet of the Apes starring James Franco. Think this seem like very appealing macho movie, genuine treat for 10-year-old boy. He say no thanks/too scary. Bigfoot kind of want to pressure do anyway. It very humid outside and sound like good story with familiar face from Freaks and Geeks, animal rights, Alzheimers disease, and cognitive behavior therapy all mention on kids-in-mind dot com as intellectual topics for post-film discuss.

Other part of practice for school tomorrow, get up at 6:30AM. It not so hard. Spouse get up first, make thermos of tea, fry up package of bacon. This Bubs’s request for first day of school special, then say “I don’t even want stupid bacon! You can have it!” then Joe make it and he eat it all up. This remind Bigfoot, better buy more bacon.



  1. Isabelle · September 5, 2011

    Practice Bigfoot spouse leave Thermos of tea behind and Bigfoot get to drink all morning?


  2. Katy · September 6, 2011

    counting on it! thank you for paying attention to me. i think i’m about winding down on feeling sorry for myself now.


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