Hurricane not fun

Bigfoot neighborhood evacuate for hurricane Irene. It not mandatory, only recommend. Think it important be able to reach hospital with Bubs in Glucagon style emergency. This overreacting? Mother- and father-in-law accommodate whole family in Kingston home. It difficult settle in, especially for dog. Maybe dog have barometric pressure change-induced migraine.

On way to refugee home, stop at Bertucci’s for dinner. Initial contact with waiter, Bigfoot request nutrition information for children’s menu, and waiter launch into speedy talk using unctuos Kasey Kasem voice. “Obviously, you won’t want a pizza or pasta, I could make you a chicken breast with no breading and a side of broccoli, or salad might be a good choice…” Bigfoot not understand this un-interruptable flow of language ensue from waiter head, but Bigfoot spouse offer magnanimous smile say, “We need the information for our son. He is diabetic.”

Then Bigfoot understand. Immediately say, “I am not even chubby! I am not even the chubbiest person at this table of not-chubby people!” Waiter give sidelong glance Bigfoot spouse, launch into more speedy talk about he rugby football player, want to bond over athlete nutrition requirement. Bigfoot wonder why he imagine chubby woman want order child 12 and under meal—assume she jonesing for complimentary Hoodsie cup at end?

One Bertucci dinner roll have 28 carbs. Bubs estimate he want to eat three. From menu, he select rigatoni and cheese. And Hoodsie cup. This highest carb meal in diabetes history, but Coro Center endocrinologist say OK have many carb as long as have insulin to match. MyFitnessPal estimate this meal total 175 carbs! Take deep breath, inject 5 units insulin for 1:40 ratio. Later learn it not enough, maybe should have consult creepy Calorie King. Bubs have high bedtime blood sugar—too shameful mention specific number, also not remember specific number and too chubby get up/walk across room to look at meter, but it enough over 300 to shock. Hurricane already disaster.



One comment

  1. Isabelle · August 31, 2011

    I ❤ Bigfoot. Always realistic and honest mix of funny, sad, worry, guilt, love.


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