Hurricane zucchini bread

Famous librarian place all three Graham Roumieu book on Bigfoot front porch! Now have something good to read when not have pharmacist on telephone.

Spend day in Irene waves at 2nd beach with different librarian friend, this one work right beside beach at St. George’s school. This librarian have boys same age Bubs and Jack, all attend E. Nursery School in era when Munroe Dairy milk delivery replace 100% apple juice as snack accompaniment. Current matriculator at this school find difficult believe juice ever offered as legitimate beverage. Maybe one day pendulum swing in favor or Tang, Mountain Dew, or VitaminWater Zero. Bigfoot not have crystal ball. However, Bigfoot pretty sure cow milk trigger Type 1 diabetes, base this on one evening internet research plus fact Bubs love drink milk plus such high incidence of Type 1 diabetes in Finland, where Bigfoot assume guzzle milk for ski sport endurance, high blood pressure, rosy cheek, withered up pancreas.

At beach Bigfoot have idea spur of moment invite two little librarian offspring friends for sleep over. Rinse off sand, table for six: three coffee milk, two diet coke, one red punch, one hamburger on toast, one cheeseburger with ketchup, one hamburger patty with no bun and one pickle, two wieners all the way, one large platter french fries. It utterly disgusting. Happiest customer boy who select naked patty and red punch.

What happen? Maybe some Homestar Runner. Maybe some video game. Now it quarter past eleven PM. Bigfoot and Bigfoot spouse make other spur of moment decision: bake six chocolate zucchini bread. It eleven-sixteen PM. 57 minutes to go on oven timer. Four boy wandering around looking woozy, not want go bed. Household lead by worried, fake-jolly Bigfoot not so good place for visiting children—they probably be bitchy when go home tomorrow. Bigfoot sorry. No givebacks. Eleven thirty-four.

Pretty sure brush teeth. Now Bigfoot spouse reading hilarious Mr. Gum story out loud, everyone laugh when main character Polly use “Low-fat yogurt!” as expletive. Tee hee hee hee hee. Hope visitor boys really think is funny, not peer-pressure to laugh, not feel homesick. Hope they not harass Bigfoot in middle of night.

Throughout day, Bubs mention, “Isn’t it about time to check my blood sugar again?” He very self assured with test kit now, but still often assess size of blood bead as adequate when it too flat or too small, result in ErR5 message. That why Bigfoot so happy CVS encourage BCBSRI pay for 400 strips/month instead 300 strips/month. Bigfoot not mean to be gauche.

Hurricane Irene coming. No banana in Shaw’s supermarket. Also no Diet Coke, and only one Lime Diet Coke—now that gone too. Still available: Coke Zero, Coke Zero Cherry, Coke Zero Vanilla, Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Three addict stand together in Soda-Diet Soda-Water aisle gaze at shelf where plain Diet Coke belong. It not appear. Move to other department. No need panic, many cases remain Poland Spring Water, Thomas’s English Muffin, Olivia’s Organic Baby Collards.

All over Rhode Island, first day of school already cancel for hurricane.


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