Where Kashi Go

Frozen Chicken Scraps Kong: zero carbs

Bubs fine. Nice blood sugar. He never over 150 today, his lowest is 72. That a low, but it not so low. This feel some kind of achievement.

Bigfoot unable sleep for long time now. It terrible for stay positive. Mid afternoon Bigfoot eat avocado-kinawa salad, still hungry, eat yogurt, feel sick to stomach. It not hunger Bigfoot feel, it tired feeling Bigfoot mistake think hunger. No food bring Bigfoot back to full awake. Require sleep.

Endocrinologist say no need test Bubs at 2AM now. She say he be fine in night. He have correct Lantus dose. Bigfoot not so sure. What if have exciting, happy dream? What if sweaty nightmare? Blood glucose not drop in such case? How this differ from exercise situation, physiologically?

Bigfoot still tired. Try eat Kashi Go Lean cereal with vanilla almond milk as energizer. That stupid. Kashi Go Lean #1 at enhance slug feeling. Try 2nd small bowl. Slug galore.

Other diabetes problem very small, not serious, not expensive, but give Bigfoot experience of not trust insurance company. BCBSRI say using lancet and test strip supply too quickly. It true BCBSRI provide generous amount, enough for 10x daily blood test. Bigfoot explain need use many blood test strip and lancet for learning, check often, also make multiple error because new to scene. Meanwhile, school nurse need have large supply on hand for smooth function office space. Endocrinology nurse say she call Blue Cross, many hours pass. Care to place bet on result?


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