I would quit

I can not imagine B. going to school for real in one week. We don’t even wake up until 8:30, twenty minutes after the Pledge of Allegiance begins each morning.

The school nurse at X school in town reported to a parent that she intended to keep the diabetic child “a little high” in order to avoid lows. Because she’d rather avoid the danger/urgency of a low than contribute to the child’s long-term health by avoiding a high. I hate this. Our school’s nurse will be better. If I were a school nurse and a diabetic child came into my care, I would just quit my job.

Daily Scoop’s scooper said a small consists of three ounces of ice cream. No. It was at least ten ounces. It was chocolate ice cream streaked with globs of peanut butter cookie dough. That’s a stupid afternoon snack.

Here are things I did like today: I had coffee with a good friend in the morning; the boys played in the YMCA pool for 75 minutes with a yellow water polo ball and didn’t fight at all and looked so healthy and strong; also I liked the green beans and tempeh I made for dinner. Fried in coconut oil and had a brown rice syrupy sauce.


One response to “I would quit

  1. Isabelle

    a good day! I wish I was the good friend having coffee with you.


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