Not expect this

Bubs such good sport it make bruise on Bigfoot heart. He wake up 2AM when Bigfoot try surreptitious prick finger. Want to do by self. Always line up pricker, count one, two, three, press trigger, massage finger, wait correct size blood bead form, blood zwoooop up test strip. He not know number on meter good or bad. After finish, say “Thank you, Mama,” and fall right back to sleep. It not easy be such good sport for other people in household.

Bubs not always good sport traditional sense. Every night approximately 45 seconds he cry, “Why did I have to get diabetes?” or “I’m probably going to die soon!” or “You should spend the money in my college fund–I’ll never even make it to college!” or “It’s my fault that I have diabetes because I ate so many sweets!” Next sentence he change mind, plan live large underground castle in Pakistan with 50 dogs. Plan drive around in tank, yell at people get out of way.

Bigfoot family watch nightly episode Freaks and Geeks, have whole season DVD collection from Public Library. It completely inappropriate program for eight-year-old. Bubs say he love it but only really crack up in opening credit when Bill smile then look enrage while forced pose for school portrait.

More experience parent with diabetic child explain endocrinologist excellent scientist, not in congeniality competition, it not really matter if gruff or recommend diet jello. Say OK dietician think corn = vegetable, she train deal with parent shop center aisles of supermarket, not exquisitely advanced food snob. It parent who role be congenial, enthusiastic, have much knowledge about food, find nice healthy diabetic people be role model, have much money buy more Lego. It make sense.


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