Not have mad skills

Am I drowning? Is this in my head or is this our real life? <—ponders Butter

Today Bigfoot and Bubs get ride to Third Beach, it best of all possible way spend day with high blood sugar, low blood sugar, string cheese, Clif Shot Bloks*, and Sobe Life Water Zero Calorie MacIntosh Apple Cherry flavor. Gentle waves characteristic of Third Beach mean Bigfoot not have to scan ocean all of time, can chat with adult friend.

Friend bring homemade cookies, whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip. It scrumptious combo. Bubs say, “Cinnamon is Mrs. K’s secret weapon!” Bigfoot supply almonds and 100-calorie pack Pringles. Not many taker.

Everyone happy at beach. Crabs, rocks, sand, shovels, boogie boards, and net for catch small fish. Friend listen Bigfoot describe perceived indifference of endocrinology receptionist, it diffuse Bigfoot bile. Who ask for more?

Bubs like to prick own finger, but he not have mad skills. Many time he have to prick again, every time he say, “Ow! Didn’t hurt.” He go through lancets at rate of 18-20 day, make much biohazard trash. This not good disease for environmentalist. It better choice for nihilist or person with no hobby. Bigfoot weary of look for sharps container. Think revert back to All Small and Mighty laundry detergent, Method laundry detergent fill up with only 3 syringe. Of course, Method copywriter not obligated mention this drawback in clever ad campaign.

At bedtime Bubs ask if he drowning. Bigfoot ask, “What do you mean? Do you feel like you’re still in the water?” He say, “No. I mean, am I dead? Are you really here or am I dead and imagining this?” Bigfoot tell him, “You’re not dead. We’re all here together. You see Butter in your bed and I see him too.” Bigfoot not mention dead people not have luxury of imagination as additional proof of life, think this maybe too scary.

Bigfoot swear not intend use diabetes as excuse for show off many fine beaches and attractive friends Bigfoot family enjoy.

(*Now learn Clif Shot Blok contain caffeine. Bigfoot buy Clif Shot Blok in attempt to offer less geriatric alternative to glucose tabs. Now know it not pay to try to make low blood sugar in diabetic look like marathon training.)


One comment

  1. skchrisman · November 21, 2014

    How did I miss this post? I like seeing your attractive friends and beaches! Not show offy at all, even though I feel it’s so not fair that I was not born in a state surrounded by so much water, I can be happy for people who were. I promise to not show you our endless miles of cow pasture and soybean crops, because you’d be soooooo incredibly jealous and block me from your site! Keep sharing.

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