Bigfoot on honeymoon

Bigfoot go Staples, buy index card, decide make handy reference of Bubs’s most frequent comestible. Maybe some day this come in handy. Bigfoot weary look up carb count organic whole wheat burrito size tortilla–it get old fast–even if use glossy app. It is 21-23g, depend on brand. Why this so hard remember? It on index card now.

Every day, Bigfoot make Jack cry by calmly and stoically ask him go away. He wail and cry. It fake howling like siren, but he think it realistic. Later Bigfoot explain why need moment alone in kitchen: math very difficult for Bigfoot and grilled cheese sandwich not stay hot, crisp, and appetizing forever. Easy to convince self not guilty, only doing best. What pathology cause ten year old desire so much attention? Solution seem obvious: wear Under Armor logo clothing, go long bike ride, find dead body near train tracks, enjoy youth, it so brief and fleeting. Evening time Bigfoot whole family snuggle on couch, watch Freaks and Geeks on tiny computer screen. This enough pay attention to older child for Bigfoot.

Bubs fine. Have some lows. It normal. Have some highs while asleep. It OK. Doctor (Bigfoot have no idea name, but it calm, kind woman with screaming baby in background) tell Bigfoot all sound normal and it time to lower insulin dose. Higher ratio. 1:25 instead of 1:20. Industry lingo refer to this as beginning of honeymoon. It so romantic for Bigfoot, very similar snowboard in Termas de Chillan.

Bubs enjoy pick meat off of Pat’s Pastured stewing hen. This a scrawny breed or reject from flock. It in freezer since winter, no one know how use. It look really disgusting, Bigfoot not touch with bare hand.


One comment

  1. Isabelle · August 17, 2011

    Hen in pot with celery, carrot, onion with skins on, thyme. Just cover with water. Boil. Bigfoot have stock from scrawny bird. Only use. Except Nerf gun target practice. Make Jack smile?


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