Bigfoot discover new market for sealing wax

Bubs no pass out. Freaks and Geeks episode with Norseman mascot too funny to remain upright

On way Starbucks (Bigfoot want medium decaf soy latte, 2 extra shots, extra hot, no foam) and bookstore (hope purchase Type 1 diabetes children cookbook there), make grave error: look in public library diabetes book area.

All available diabetes title extraordinarily dreary and have laparoscopic photography back of eyeballs/interior body organs, all severely damage. Sole book without laparoscopic horror show is dreaded yellow “For Dummies” book. Type One Diabetes For Dummies open with extremely terrible words, not make reader desire continue. Information this type belong sealed envelope glued in back of book, wax seal, print in large font “Warning: never open.” or similar.

Dewey decimal situate diabetes on shelf adjacent depression and very close cookbook for baking delicious cake, serve on shabby chic plate, surround by grateful friends and outdoor lanterns. Spectrum of human experience always interesting but Bigfoot prefer old time when could be obsessed with barefoot running and training emotionally disturbed dog. Anyway, it easy to see happy lantern cake people all assholes, if look closely at photograph. Man gingham shirt buttoned one button too high, wear unrealistic shoes, seethe with rage over wardrobe for photo shoot, maybe have celiac disease, no one care.

Barrington Public Library have excellent selection graphic novel. Bigfoot conclude better to focus on Teen Room, avoid nonfiction area.

Bubs seem at top of game all day although he have two low blood sugar reading. Both in 60’s. That not true. One time get 51. This not so bad, fix with tasty snack. Disconcerting aspect is Bubs not notice any symptom of low blood sugar, he merry as ever. He so chatty, “Pretty much my only special skill is balancing my toothbrush on the shower handle,” list fact about meaning of assorted color light saber, and all with very few break for silence. Bubs invent acceptable diabetes snack: one slice sharp provolone cheese embrace two slices ham. Last week Bigfoot think ham morally reprehensible, now Bigfoot not give a shit. It easy not think of tortured pig and disgusting hygiene in cold cuts manufacturing facility.



  1. kimberly · August 16, 2011

    Bigfoot try not worry about Bigfoot Child not feel lows. This why we check blood so much. Me suggest make note of activity level, so can see if trend relating activity to low, then can prevent lows once trend established. Also, low maybe relate to insulin dosage need adjustment. Combination factors make tricky, but still doable. Understand – activity make less insulin do more of same job. This why daughter take insulin 1:15 with breakfast, as no activity all night; then rest of day 1:20, more active.

    When fix blood sugar low, caution to not use food that have protein or fat, as this slow sugar absorption. After blood sugar back (15 minutes) then have protein to help keep steady.

    I know it sound so tricky tricky, but Bigfoot smart. Bigfoot doing great job. Bigfoot keep up good work, but also make sure SLEEP! Bigfoot do bigfoot very best when Bigfoot not forget take care of self. Like on airplane, Bigfoot administer oxygen Bigfoot first, then Bigfoot Child, as Bigfoot without breath no good to Bigfoot Child.

    One more thing then stop my babble. Future uncertain for everyone. Today all we have. Today beautiful blessing. This just reminder, Bigfoot know this already. Sleepless Bigfoot drive self mad if think of all possibility for future. Best way avoid future hell is do best TODAY. Many get through without ugly complication. Never know, maybe next year, next decade, Mother Nature evict selfish bastard race? Then energy wasted worry about future stolen life from precious now-living time. Sound negative end-of-world talk, but not. Keep me focus on beautiful day as Gift now. Better example than sudden hit-by-bus.


  2. Isabelle · August 16, 2011

    Bigfoot smart, have smart Kimberly friend. Fire bad!


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