Bigfoot forget medicine

Bigfoot family go Brewster for day, see Bigfoot sister family, Bigfoot parents, and crowning jewel Brewster, The Cook Shop.

Bigfoot purchase tea cup fit in car, it have matte jade green finish, it double-wall ceramic, it not have cumbersome handle, it not have silicone lid, it perfect for Bigfoot on go when no want silicone flavor tea. Bigfoot find giant refill Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena hand soap. Also mayonnaise spreader design in Sweden. Bigfoot plan use spread peanut butter or goat cheese with dry rind/gloppy center. Pay for all with gift certificate. Free kitchen item reliably bring Bigfoot invincible luck feeling. Bigfoot tired from diabetes week but heart overflow with joy at sight of merchandise.

Bad side Bigfoot not think need bring Bubs’s night time diabetes medicine and syringe. Also forget Sagamore traffic bad on Saturday. Grammy always warn Bigfoot, “That’s changeover day! All of the tourists leaving their rental houses stay for the day if it’s good beach weather and the traffic will be terrible at night!” It only true 7% of time in Bigfoot experience. Worry like tsunami hit Bigfoot and Bigfoot spouse at 6PM: what if trap on bridge when time for injection and no have medicine? Decide need page doctor on call.

Bigfoot and Bigfoot spouse not pimps, not know how work pager. Coro Center nurse explain pager yesterday but Bigfoot not absorb lesson. Yesterday Bigfoot pretty sure not have emergency, it not seem pertinent. Emergency maybe for other family, Bigfoot family have enough excitement for week. Now Bigfoot know how work pager. It simple enough for idiot. Secret is resist thought, push Bigfoot phone number on keypad, and wish.

This happen Paine’s Creek beach. Bubs and brother and cousin have fun attempt boogie board at low tide. It futile! On call doctor have screaming baby in background, she patiently go over blood sugar numbers with Bigfoot. She not rush Bigfoot no matter how much baby scream. It calmest Bigfoot ever feel in presence of screaming baby. She tell Bigfoot Bubs’s numbers sound OK. She call Lantus prescription to Brewster pharmacy.

Brewster CVS not in Brewster, it Harwich. It think Brewster better address; value social climb over geographical accuracy. Bigfoot spouse find CVS and get medicine. Blue Cross Blue Shield want Bigfoot spouse pay $150 for extra medicine. CVS pharmacist think that not right. He call Blue Cross Blue Shield to finagle “vacation exception” and save Bigfoot money. That nice enough Bigfoot not mind CVS fake address. Bigfoot understand desire impress customer. Bigfoot get married in Harwich at place describe self in Chatham; when stranger assume Bigfoot get married at Chatham Bars Inn, Bigfoot not mind misconception.

Bubs eat swordfish, corn, watermelon, and sand torte for dinner. It impossible to know precise carbs for cake. Creepy Calorie King assign 50 carbs to 3.5 ounce slice pound cake, Bigfoot go with that number but know deep in heart this sand torte no ordinary pound cake. Maybe tomorrow Bubs eat only food in package, cheese, and diet jello.


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