Panther not impress Bigfoot

Not possible Bigfoot read diabetes book. Why panther give smug eyebrow raise? It inappropriate for circumstance. This make impossible Bigfoot read. Panther eyebrow convey, “Don’t you worry, sugar. After I pump myself up with this needle, I’ll be pleasing the ladies all night long.” Bigfoot not trust publisher oversee graphic design choice. Bigfoot want diabetes book illustrated with Mordechai and Rigby or unknown character from Korea. Panther appeal to no demographic. It not make sense to Bigfoot. Bigfoot not read book.

Bubs fine. Play in swimming pool. 30 carb gram snack, no shot. He exercise. Blood sugar stay same. That good. He not cry. That make Bigfoot cry. Also Bigfoot very tired. In Bigfoot head hear voice scream, “Jesus Christ Mother Fuckers Why Didn’t Anyone Get Any Mother Goddamn Shit Piss Fuck Cock Sucking Milk!” but Bigfoot not say out loud. Instead Bigfoot complain shoe box on floor destroy feng shui of home. Bigfoot make pained face of shooting victim when husband ask Bigfoot make plum salsa.



  1. Kerri. · August 24, 2011

    I absolutely love your blog. Please email me? I couldn’t find your contact information. Thank you!! 🙂 (I’ve had type 1 diabetes for almost 25 yrs and I live in RI.)


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