Bigfoot at Tokyo

Bigfoot not photojournalist. Bigfoot not even carry iPhone. Bigfoot post more pictures of Bubbles looking tired this summer. This make August Bigfoot feel superior to July Bigfoot. July Bigfoot no help to diabetic child. July Bigfoot take this picture, say, “Oh well.”

Bigfoot inject Bubbles at Tokyo sushi bar. (Bigfoot make joke! Not real joke, only reference to tv show. Call little boy same name as Bubs, the junkie. Bigfoot think is funny.) Bubbles not care. Bubbles diabetic equivalent of La Leche League mothers. Bubs happy to shoot up anywhere. He not care Assistant Dean eating nearby. He want miso soup. He want avocado maki. He want one half of one inari. It like ripping rubber bedpillow in half. Bigfoot succeed. Total 70 carb. 4 unit insulin.

Bigfoot learn what to do in emergency. Real emergency is misuse of corn as vegetable and native english speaker switch “dichotomy” for “diversity.” When Bigfoot anxious, Bigfoot notice nice feeling if criticize vocabulary and grammar of people with more degree than Bigfoot.

Bigfoot agree be part of study, get $310 at end. Half people in study get lesson from rubber robot boy. Robot programmed to blink and say diabetes phrase, “I feel dizzy.” Bigfoot think sound creepy-funny. But Bigfoot land in control group. No see blinking robot. Nurse say robot creepy like film star Chucky. She control speed of blink with device in pocket. She think she overcome creepiness if modulate blink speed and dress Chucky in “real nice Lands’ End jeans and a cool graphic T.” Bigfoot think that only add creepy-funny to tableau.

Bubbles healthy. Bubbles used to shots. He not cry. He not mind. Bubbles so good Bigfoot want to buy all inventory Target nerf weapon and have celebration on lawn.


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