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This episode of Reply All took me by surprise. It starts out…

And, so one day, they decide that, instead of checking in over the phone, they’re gonna cut out the middle man. The sister in St. Louis, will just plug her cell phone into her internal organs, broadcast her vital signs to the internet, and then the sister who worries–who lives in Philadelphia–she can just check in whenever she wants.

Do you see where this is going? This story includes: identical twin sisters, summer camp, eating a ton & losing weight, a T1d diagnosis, sad parents, anxiety, Dexcom Share, and what it’s like having someone who loves you looking at your blood glucose all of the time.

One highlight:



PJ: In the past, Kim showed up on my mom’s radar at her worst moments, like after something truly scary had just happened. But now that she’s pinned on my Mom’s radar 24/7, they’re both noticing things they’d never really seen before. 

KIM: Nancy will say, “Kim, you had a good day today! Objectively, look at it … stop scrutinizing it. You’re doing well.”

This is a link to a transcript of the whole thing. I thought it was amazing!

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