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Strategizing ways to avoid complaints about food is my main hobby. My other hobby is avoiding high blood glucose. Toward that, at the beginning of every school year, I get jazzed up about planning meals. This is my latest attempt.


It started out all illustrated-like.

People here brainstormed a list of things they would eat. Then we lovingly designed trading cards for some of the things. Then a smart friend gave me a piece of decorative Japanese paper. This became a meal planning board. It is in one corner of our magnet board.

I like this system because:

  • It is where everyone can see it, so theoretically a person could feel some sense of ownership/control over their mealtime fate (vs. old system/a notebook);
  • It reminds me of what I am doing/what foods are in the house (= less waste);
  • The magnets let me move things around as needed, without scribbling out or making arrows all over a document;
  • I can consult the stack of not-currently-in-use index cards for help remembering what things people said they would eat;
  • I love the piece of Japanese paper and it allows me to look at and/or interact with it regularly.

One magnet = one day. So I can stick a bunch of (or two) cards in one day’s magnet.

As time passes, I’m writing names of more things my people will eat on plain index cards. We don’t have time to color right now. It’s September! If I rip a recipe out of a magazine, I stick it on the board too. The raggedy-ness of the new additions is not soul-crushing, because everything looks nice against the Japanese paper.


Keeping it fancy.

To complete this project, you will need:

Pretty paper (1)

Magnets (7)

Index cards (one pack)


List of things your people will eat


We loved these cream cheese-filled carrot cake muffins (net 4g CHO) and then also these cream cheese-filled carrot cake muffins (I skipped the streusel) which are sweetened with honey (net more g CHO) instead of Swerve, but I still used Swerve in the cream cheese for the centers (net slightly less g CHO).

I’m a fan of the Well Fed books and saw a new one will be released in November and if you pre-order it, it promises to arrive with prizes like a jar of almond butter and a magazine. (I ordered.)

More cookbooks I want to remember to read: Oh She Glows Every Day and Whole Bowls and Great Bowls of Food. I like eating out of bowls.

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