Another Amazing Thing About Normies


Keep the enchiladas. I’ll take the linen tunic in six long. Tx.

A small but amazing thing about normies: when hard times befall them, they can eat meals dropped off by neighbors. People who barely know them log into an app to sign up to bring them dinner and ostensibly the food arrives and they eat it.

We recently had the opportunity to participate in such a meal sharing. The parents of a friend of a son were having a hard time of an unstated medical nature. We didn’t know them or what they like to eat. The kids of the family are the same age as my kids, so when it was our turn to deliver, I made them some things we like to eat that I thought normal people might also like to eat.

As I was packing the food into containers, I realized my menu included two major hazards: pork (which they wouldn’t eat if they kept kosher or halal or vegetarian or vegan) and peanut butter cookies (which could kill them, but then probably the organizer would have mentioned it?). Also tree nuts (would have mentioned?). Also dairy, eggs, corn. Also salad. Also root beer, full sugar. I put a note in the card: Please call us if you have any questions about ingredients or allergens.

“Any questions.” HA! How funny it would be if my family had a hard time and people started dropping off food they’d made. If my hard time were severe enough that I thought I could get away with it, I’d tape a sign on the porch railing: WE CAN NOT EAT YOUR NORMAL PEOPLE FOOD. PLEASE INSTEAD ORDER ANY OF THE MARKED ITEMS FROM THIS BODEN CATALOGUE.

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