So Intense

Remember Neurotic City brilliant nail diabetes dx on head (2009!) w. German language analogy? As learn more/more about D, vorsprung durch technik seem even more accurate.

Last night couldn’t sleep. Think about why I have diabetes (present simple) sound so morose vs. I’ve got diabetes (present perfect) more cheerful/breezy. Why I’ve got diabetes sound tra-la-la move on, next topic but I have diabetes sound like [Law & Order noise]: prepare discuss some bad thing. Not really answer insomniac question, but sans diabetes, perhaps life (in Ingles) not require so many verb tenses?

Present simple: We prebolus for breakfast.

Present continuous: The pump is infusing basal insulin at a rate of 0.35 units per hour.

Present perfect: Why yes, I have read about Joel Fuhrman’s cure for my son’s diabetes.

Present perfect continuous: We have been avoiding this site change for three hours.

Future conditional: I will bolus for these potato chips if the water is too cold for boogie boarding.

Future perfect: He will have tested twelve times by the end of the day.

Future perfect continuous: We will have been using this sensor for nineteen days at the end of this week.

Future continuous: I will be changing the infusion set in the back seat of the car when we get to Target.

Future unreal conditional: If there were a gluten antidote, I would make baguettes.

Past continuous: We were using Inset 30s before the Contact-Detach kind arrived.

Past perfect continuous: I had been listening to Edgepark’s “on hold” soundtrack for twenty minutes when the announcement about colostomy lubricant finally began.

Pluperfect: He had eaten three glucose tabs when the double down arrows appeared.

Simple past: The CVS pharmacy technician gave me a receipt ten feet long.

 Simple future: I will watch Orange is the New Black with the Dexcom right by my head, in case I doze.


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