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After each appointment, he rushes downstairs and out of the building to hop over this railing and jump off of this wall.

It endo day. Bigfoot notes for future self.


  • Endo adjusted Bubs’s basal/bolus rates by reading his Dexcom data graph, and considering those many colorful dots in relation to the basal and bolus rates we have programmed into the Ping
  • But-but-but sometimes eats breakfast at…10:30 in the summer. On the Ping, the bolus ratio at that time is 1:18; however, we bolus at 1:10 for breakfast regardless of the hour. So the bolus rates listed in the pump are not really part of the happenings on the Dexcom line graph. I didn’t even know a 1:18 was in there. That must have been something leftover from school/recess.
  • This made me realize we’ve been doing things in a way that makes sense to us, but complicates things for the graph analyst:
    • We never use the bolus calculator to dose. Using up/down arrows to enter numbers is so tiresome, and I always have done the math in my head to sort of double-check that the dose makes sense anyway (i.e. that I haven’t entered a typo. An arrow-o), and then add a bonus 0.2u or so if there will be a great deal of sitting still
    • We’ve been (PROUD SKILL ALERT) using the Dexcom to predict lows/highs and employ a temp basal, so even the basal rates listed in the Ping are not that meaningful, since they’re so often tweaked/turned off/jacked up depending on the moment.

Last time endo work graph-number magic and Bigfoot think make no sense, endo exactly right. So. Even though make no sense, Bigfoot try this way. Because medicine-science-experience-faith.

The secret to the 8HBP.

The current key to a solid, few days-long run of 8HBP.


  • She thinks he is “too tight” at night. He has been riding a flat path of 80-100ish at night, and she would like this to be higher.
  • I hate to give this up.
  • We have been sleeping so well.
  • So well, as in: eight hours, both parents.

Not want follow endo night basal program. Never give up 8HBP. Hang on as long as can. But BG sort of droopy toward morning (100-ish at bedtime /80-ish at wake-up typical). Maybe that problem.

More things:

  • 5′ 0.3″ and 82 lbs. Grew without gaining weight, so BMI is down. (Down 0.9 lbs.) Pffffft. I thought the gluten free diet had already solved the weight problem. Small meals more frequently? Heartier snacks? Large hot fudge sundae?
  • A1c = 6.
  • Officially noted in patient chart: Contact-Detach infusion sets huge improvement, dermatologically and maybe infusionastically too.

Okay. See in October! Thank you.

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