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I love A Sweet Life and a thing I wrote was posted there today. It is about punishing* a child (mine) after a hypo, for something that happened while hypo. I would love if you’d read it and share your opinion, even if your opinion is that I am mean. (*Technically I guess it was negatively reinforcing, not punishing.) (No. It was negative punishment. Taking away a good thing.)

Meanwhile, school starts in two weeks a week.

Things to do:

1. THE BIGGIE: Meeting with principal, teachers, town 504 coordinator wherein everyone agrees to follow the 504 and post meeting there’s a barely audible hubbub: What a nice woman! and I’m baffled as to why the teachers last year were unable to follow this simple, necessary, and perfectly reasonable plan

2. FOR A SURPRISE: Apply Pump Peelz decal to Dexcom. Such BG. Amaze. Many 100. When I got my order confirmation, I replied to the Pump Peelz email robot to say I can’t believe you have a doge! And it wrote back: Yes. Such Peelz. Very shipped. Amaze.

prep3. NURSE’S OFFICE DEJA VU: Gather d-supplies into tote bag (<–self link to last year’s bag), to be stored in nurse’s office:

  • Humalog cartridges & Luxura pen
  • Lantus pen
  • Syringes
  • Pen needles
  • Pump supplies: lithium batteries, cartridges, sites
  • Alchohol swipes
  • Glucolift, Juicy Juice, Gogo Squeeze for lows
  • 10 – 15g CHO mixed snacks for gym/bus ride prn
    1. Mini Luna Bars
    2. Justin’s Nut Butter Pretzel packs
    3. Kind Bars
    4. More things
  • Lancing device & lancets
  • Verio IQ meter, 4 cans of strips, & a charger
  • Spare Dexcom sensor(s)
  • Ketone pee strips, unopened
  • Dexcom flowcharts/pump & Verio manual pages from last year (probably still in bag)
  • School forms
  • More things?


  • Spare Verio IQ meter/strips/lancing device/lancets
  • Glucolift
  • More things?


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