Bigfoot Read Book

Thank you for recommending this book!

Start read Pumping Insulin. This book explain pump, make future Bigfoot champion nuanced dosing moves. Also many graph, many acronym–glaze Bigfoot sheen obscure expertise like Trigonometry Teacher or Environmental Policy Wonk.

Commit spend 30 minutes/day read this book.

Notes so far:

  • what is our DIA? look in pump manual
  • check IOB at bedtime–to consider this factor in overnight lows
  • sexy diabetic women clip the pump to a garter belt
  • if 2 unexplained highs in a row, correct with a syringe + change site
  • whenever we change the site we should test 2 hrs. post
  • very high protein meals can cause high BG 4-12 hours later (protein slowly converts to sugar)
  • 28g in an ounce
  • if you eat 2000 calories a day, 1000-1200 of them should be carbs. That’s 250-300 carbs a day. 

What Bigfoot learn so far for apply to life:

Bubs probably eat at least 1000 calories/day? So 125-150 carbs. That good news. Bigfoot always feel shitty if Bubs have over 100g/day, not sure how settle on that number, probably part of Sam Talbot perfection/Bigfoot depression era. Even 150 normal.

It not so big deal change site. Not need consider tools precious. Not need give site second, third chance start work. Infusion set not like retainer. Not even like toothbrush, more like tampon. Not get attached.

IOB at bedtime = possibly big deal

Syringes still belong part of regular kit

Bigfoot say other thing

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