Notes to self.

She’s all right.

Another friend has cancer. Writes w. no drama. No drama except story meted out tiny, thoughtful bits. Each bit percolates one month before reveal, instead of gargantuan blurt.

And some drinks.

  • photo-1

    That shaky ball is a miracle. These ingredients make two skimpies (14g CHO) or one living large (28g CHO). Serve in mason jars with striped paper straws for bonus twee points.

    Shaken chocolate milk: Bigfoot not sure if tengo balls publicly moan about difficulty learn use protein powder. Maybe not v. much since preferred pose generally = whole, normal foods. But purchased this powder. Grody in smoothie. Try chocolate milk. Oh my god, Mommy, look at this milk. It is SO. GOOD.**

  • Make kombucha feel less homemade: realize homebrew kombucha = too similar pee spritzer when leave out cherry juice for low carb. So tried this: 1/3rd kombucha (could substitute pee) + 2/3 seltzer + squeeze in 1/2 clementine + liquid stevia drops to taste. Started with 5 drops/pint. Wound up w. maybe…15 drops. Tastes like citrus GT’s.
  • Fruity cocktails. OMG. Gluten free, right? And not need simple syrup, natch. But. Falling asleep 9pm accompanied sounds of child belting out “this girl is on fie-yah” while sifting through extremely loud Lego. No experience party girl, never learn danger of fruity drink. One time late 90’s Madaket Mystery not enough.

And this is ostensibly about diabetes?

Can’t bear really look/think, since fell off carbs wagon & whenever peek = bad news. Eg ay-yi-yi gained six pounds FFL. If only tartar sauce version “it will come right off; it’s all water weight” gain popularity. BRIGHT SIDE: Bigfoot ability metabolize tartar sauce not impeded by barren, gallbladder-shaped space on liver.

And the bionic thing.

Gasp! What? What! Maybe Bubs bionic pancreas trial! But no room in camp. But room in BP trial! And maybe camp open spot for science. Or maybe not. Nail-biter. Try not think about too much. (Heart palpitates.) (From swoon.)

And TrialNet.

Scheduled July date: Bigfoot & Jack TrialNet for LIFT study & Anti-CD3 study. OGTTs*** both players. Always more curious than dread.

**This sentence just aimed at face: Mom, I’m really tired, but I just can’t wait to wake up tomorrow because maybe I could have another one of those chocolate milks, OHMYGODBUBS CAN YOU PLEASE. STOP. SINGING!

***Idea for OG&TTT: Zevia tonic water. Spotted @ Whole Foods bar section near dye-free (brown) maraschino cherry jar dept.


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