To make this snack feel like something new, I applied the Ansel-izer on Camera+. Mmmm graham crackers with peanut butter.

Today first day beach camp. One million friends on beach. Waves, play kadima, pickle, frisbee, dig holes, pizza goldfish, etc.

  • Paradise. All day BG#s just near edge of low–lots of 80-99mg/dL’s. (All day not true. One 70)
  • After few million waves, Bubs wash ashore, eyes closed, cheek on boogie board. Looooooooow. Not afraid. Dry off. Test. Not low. Eat snack. Back in water. Fine
  • Bigfoot observe Bubs out of water/plug back into pump, then hand pump to buddy. Ask buddy, Could you put this into the zipper pouch on my back? I can’t reach it. Buddy initially perplexed. What is it? Bubs tell buddy It’s an insulin pump. Come on. Let’s go. Perplexed buddy shrug, figure out how fit pump into tight-stretchy Spibelt
  • Everybody so much fun beach camp again tomorrow!


Principal at Bubs’s new school = parent of teenager with T1D!

Bigfoot say other thing

Bigfoot sure this not right placement Pinterest button


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