Pump practice week require saline bolus. Saline bolus make Bubs cry: it hurts like a bee sting! Bigfoot raised by wolves; wolves train Bigfoot first course action when feel bad/sad/pain is decide bad/sad/pain imaginary; overcome problem by read book/Cricket magazine.

Faces hidden to protect these sweeties from overexposure. Pump hidden by laser gun.

However, after five bee venom bolus, Bigfoot Google “saline in pump hurts;” learn this not only real but also common. DOC recommend let saline drip into paper towel during practice week, in order not psychologically retard child pump progress/cause child hate pump.

Bigfoot not hate pump anymore. Nice pump: excellent calculator. Pump drip insulin all day, not need remember Lantus. Pump very precise bolus. Bigfoot ashamed complain so much pump not have touch screen/moan about wish Steve Jobs Type 1 before die cancer. Bigfoot know complain/moan no good except for community service, make enlightened person feel good about self.

Lately Bigfoot provide other community service: advice repository. Bubs need exercise: check. Bubs need Omega-3 fish oil supplement: check. Dr. Weil say Bubs need cinnamon: check. Thank you these astute tips.

Bigfoot say other thing

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