Gus Fring’s Final Weapon

Just finished Season 4 Breaking Bad. Was that our buddy Humalog Gus was going to use to kill Hector Salamanca just before the explosion? If this was going to be murder-by-insulin, shouldn’t Tyrus have scored some of that extra-strength U-500 kind?

I’m googling this, and not finding any insulin-related commentary, just stuff like “Gus is about to inject Hector with a lethal medication when Hector finally looks at Gus and rings his bell repeatedly…”


Brush with fame/murder weapon! Tyrus thinks he’s so cool and competent, but he ought to have taken the hard plastic cap off before even getting out of the car—or better yet, pre-fill the syringe at home. When I’m a hitman, that’s how I’ll play it.

Meanwhile, I lost my Bigfoot voice and at the same time Scully picked one up! Kind of a weird coincidence but a very nice and easy-to-fall-into voice for anyone feeling like a thug. Thanks to Graham Roumieu for the loan. Read these books but probably not out loud to children.

Meanwhile that, we’re back with Dexcom–the thing is fantastic. No hard feelings. No one will ever be sad again.

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