Earnest Post about Whipping Through Kachunkers


Day one is pretty much normal, normal, normal. Maybe a little low.

Cannula allergy: heard of once, year(s?) ago, Friends for Life, Exhibit Hall of Vendors, steel infusion sets salesperson promoting cannula allergy concept. Pretty sure German-made steel sets? Barely attentive because at least we don’t have some kind weird of allergy to plastic. But now—maybe allergic.


It happens like this: normal-normal-normal-suddenly high, doesn’t really come all the way down, then back up, then we yank it.

Sites used to work 72 hours. Then 48 hours. Now…36 – 40 hours max, then high/doesn’t really come down—>correct w. syringe & change site, then normal-normal-normal 36 hours. Finally catching on. Old site little bit pink, mosquito bite-looking, nothing horrible/no oozy yuck. But could be cannula allergy puff-up choke off insulin?

Another clue: more complaining about feeling the site. Not pain but aware. Itchy? No. Hurts? No. Just can feel it.



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