Never Mind the Granola, Here’s the Sushi Rice


this may be the most in-range day i’ve seen to date.

Throughout day Dexcom reveal miracles.

Sketchy choices begin w. granola from box w. cow milk + caffeine tea w. more cow milk; followed by sit very still 2+ hours (math game/Minecraft); roll into white rice avocado maki (inside-out & extra rice-y) + brother arrive home from pastry chef class: red velvet cupcakes w. towering chapeau white frosting gah!; followed by no basal approx. 3.5 hours while swim—plug back in 5 minutes 2 – 3 x/eat two pistachios—then dinner dirty dough ice cream cone. Then basketball. Then Star Wars Monopoly. Then shower. Then Lego.

Then this glorious sensor fall off after two days. Caramba! Call Dexcom.

Maybe Bigfoot on Dexcom shit list for frequent sensor-fall-off-too-soon call. In past, representative just sort of good gosh golly sorry, send new one tout suite. Tonight representative ask did you put anything on his skin other than maybe an alcohol wipe? Answer: Yes, I used an IV Prep wipe to try to make it stick better. (<–Rather proud; think such pro move.)

DEX: Well, we actually don’t approve of IV Prep wipes? Because we haven’t tested them? Because IV Prep wipes aren’t tested for this purpose?

BIGFOOT: So you think the sensor fell off because of the IV Prep wipe? Because I only started using them because the sensors were falling off

DEX: Uh-huh, yes, and was there anything else you put on his skin?

BFOOT: Yes, I used extra tape to help it stick

DEX: Was it one of the tapes listed on page sixty-two of your product guide?

BFOOT: Ehhrm, I think so. Opsite Flexifix?

DEX: Opsite Flexifix is not one of the adhesives we recommend? We recommend 3M tape, for example? You can find a list of adhesives on page 62? You can purchase these recommended and approved tapes at a pharmacy, medical supply store, or ask your son’s physician? It’s very important, ma’am, that you not use materials that are not tested on the child’s skin?

BF: Okay…<–thinking But I read about Opsite Flexifix on the internet; haven’t you seen Katie’s awesome post? and Even Gary Scheiner says it’s a good tape! )

The recommended tape was also used to dress the wounds of passengers on the Mayflower

The recommended tape was also used to dress the wounds of passengers on the Mayflower.

Behold Dexcom official auxiliary taping method. (Left.) Even prop stylist heart not in it: sloppy cuts, slapdash placements. But good job on logo right side up and selection of hairless/unblemished skin. So try keep open mind. Even though seem hopeless, Bigfoot plan try Blenderm, Tegaderm(<–which one?), IV 3000(<—where stick this ginko leaf shape?), 3M tape(<–includes Scotch?) as instructed.

Other technical question. Thinking about FFL “Pumping Tips and Tricks” class. Instructor Lorraine ask class Do you ever notice that ‘tssssht’ sound of your basal going in**? Well, when you have a combo or extended bolus set, you’ll notice it goes ‘tsssht-tssssht’: the first tsssht is the basal; the second tssssht is the additional portion of the bolus insulin. (<–Not direct quote. Could be totally wrong, but pretty sure this gist.)

Talk of “tsssht” make Bigfoot believe basal not continuous round-the-clock microdrip as originally imagined, but instead basal = one drip in one moment per hour. If unplugged at that hour’s drip-moment (say, for swim) + then plug back in (say, while eat two pistachios) & then unplug again, any basal going in? If not, really no point plug back in for basal. (Unless lucky catch right at drip moment.)

Not able find answer w. easy Google. Know?

**Bigfoot never, ever hear tssssht except when bolus. May be partially deaf from too much Blondie/Xanadu during critical period aural development.

Bigfoot say other thing

Oops. Bigfoot delete Facebook page. Try this again.


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